Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Restore Healing Community is a fellowship, began 12 years ago, with an emphasis on making worship relevant to today. We are an ecumenical bunch of Christians who are held together by our love for one another and a desire to serve Jesus in our diverse daily lives. We see mission as being wherever we go, so do not follow ‘growth’ programs but bless and pray for one another as we live Jesus’ love in our work places, neighbourhoods, relationships and wherever else we go. We are a diverse group of about 40, from various nationalities, various spiritualities and with various understandings of what it means to follow the Lord.


What do we value?

Not necessarily in this order but we pursue….

Intimacy with the Lord in worship, which means that we spend at least 25 minutes in singing songs old and new, we have an open mic, so that people can share prophesies, words of encouragement from Scripture and testimony of God’s goodness.

Times of silence where we simply enjoy the Lord’s presence are often experienced. Biblical teaching is offered in an interactive manner. we sit in a couple of concentric circles to promote interaction and community.

Spiritual Gifts   we pray for healing and depend upon the Lord for grace in all our lives. This means that we need to receive grace so we earnestly seek the greater gifts so that His wisdom, knowledge, miraculous power, faith can be cured out upon us, and our lives can reflect His glory. These are always sought through the greatest of all: LOVE. we are still growing as a community in learning how to exercise the spiritual gifts.

Social Justice

We recognize that the gospel has a social dimension. We are stewards of the environment and called by the Lord to care for the ‘alien'. Thus we support TEAR projects and other projects that members hold dear to their hearts.

Fellowship is a vial aspect of our life together. after our evening service we share home made supper as we catch up with one another. Often people will remain in the church in groups talking and praying for one another concerning pressing issues, while others gather in the cafe area for good food and laughter.

Prayer  is central to our existence. we have established a prayer house, Dwell, at the rear of our property where we embrace diverse prayer opportunities. In particular we support the South East Sydney Prayer Network, where we gather with other churches from St George and Sutherland Shire) to show a visible unity by meeting regularly to pray together, to discoverwhat other forms of mission, worship and service God may lead us into.